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Be Amazed.

Be Amazed.

Be Amazed.


Welcome to The Davis Academy! This is where your child’s journey begins. It’s an experience that goes beyond the education of the student, providing a community that embraces the entire family. Driven by the values of community, respect, spirit, wisdom and righteousness, a Davis Academy education is an extraordinary gift, where students have a unique opportunity to develop their individual academic and creative abilities, along with diverse experiences that help them understand the broader world around them. Our students are challenged, well balanced and ultimately well equipped to begin their own path. Simply put, they become the best that they can be.

Amazedby the journey.

The moment our students walk through the doors, they transition into their own unique Davis Experience. An experience that’s tailored to the individual child. How they develop, grow and learn – not just about the academics, but about themselves.

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Child playing outdoors

Lower Elementary

Mechina - 2nd Grade

Students develop the core fundamentals, while maintaining an emphasis on the social and emotional development.

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Upper Elementary

3rd - 5th Grade

Students interests and passions are ignited and fostered, through cross-curricular learning opportunities and the integration of the Davis values– community, respect, spirit, wisdom and righteousness. 

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Middle School

6th - 8th Grade

Housed in a state of the art building on a campus designed specifically with the middle school learner in mind, students experience accelerated coursework and a rich offering of elective courses.

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Amazedby the community.

While a quality education is the priority, we go beyond the classroom, providing a community that embraces the entire family, becoming a center of life with activities, learning, and milestone events.


Joining Davis mid-year during a pandemic could have made for a hard transition for our family, but instead we were swept right up into this warm, supportive, nurturing, generous and loving community. Our children are thriving and truly have never been happier. 

  • Davis Academy Family

My Davis education definitely pushed me towards a career in nursing. From a young age, I was taught that caring for others and repairing the world is a core value of Judaism. I always enjoyed my science classes at Davis, and I think that allowed me to envision how I could translate success in the classroom to a career in STEM.

  • Class of 2010
  • Davis Academy Alumna

When we see first hand that the values of Community, Respect, Spirit, Wisdom and Righteousness are the basis for an outstanding education that prepares our children for a new and different future, we know that the Davis Community is the perfect place to entrust our children’s education.

  • Davis Academy Family

Our family has been so fortunate to be a part of the Davis community. The quality of the education, the incredible support and love of the faculty and staff, the positive and safe learning environment, the commitment to Jewish values, and even the way the school has handled this past year’s challenges, have connected us further to the people and the school. We have found The Davis Academy creates an outstanding experience.

  • Davis Academy Family

Our family is thankful to be a part of a community bound by a rich academic tradition and Jewish values. Everyday our three children are challenged by a rigorous academic curriculum which helps them develop their critical thinking but also express their creativity. The Davis faculty are a highly qualified, dedicated and passionate group of individuals who inspire our children to be menschen.

  • Davis Academy Family

The Davis Academy’s ability to foster a love of learning is truly one of its most remarkable attributes. The teachers at Davis take the time to understand each child’s unique character and strengths and as parents we could not ask for anything more. Davis is so much more than a school- it is a cohesive community that welcomes every student and family with love, warmth and ruach.

  • Davis Academy Family

We wanted a place that would challenge our kids, but would also provide them with support. The Davis Academy was able to provide both. The faculty and staff are fantastic at what they do. It is a nurturing environment offering children just the right mix of challenge and support, as well as amazing opportunities for growth and development. We love the community and friends we have made. We couldn’t be happier to be at Davis!

  • Davis Academy Family

I learned early on at Davis about values like Tikkun Olam and Tzedakah, and I think that whether you are Jewish or not, everyone should make an effort to take care of the world and improve the lives of those less fortunate. I’ve dedicated my career to these values, whose seeds were planted in my mind as a student at Davis.

  • Class of 2005
  • Davis Academy Alum

The Davis Academy has been more than a great academic school for us. This school has provided a sense of belonging to our entire family. The school really lives up to their values. Our children are developing how to become good human beings and the importance of giving back to the community.

  • Davis Academy Family

Amazedby what sets us apart.

We believe a remarkable education is more than just a child finding his or her academic strengths, it’s about helping them find who they are, finding their inner self and discovering their purpose in the greater world.


Learning and Thinking Differently



Embracing the Entire Family


Self Expression

Developing Each Child's Passions and Unique Voice

Beyond the Classroom

Nurturing a Global Perspective and Community Mindedness



Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Through Sportsmanship and Dedication


By the Results

Prepared to Lead, Succeed and Make an Impact



Amazedby Davis L.O.V.E.

Girls on playground

Whether you’re a prospective parent or a visitor to our community, we graciously welcome you for a personal visit so you can see the smiles, hear the laughter and become a part of the magic of The Davis Academy. You’ll be amazed!.

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