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About Us


by The Davis Academy.

We believe a remarkable education is more than just a child finding his or her academic strengths, it’s about helping them discover who they are, finding their inner self and know their purpose in the greater world.

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Our Promise

To educate a generation of confident and compassionate leaders, who embrace Jewish values, are empowered by academic excellence, and are engaged with the world around us.

Driven by Davis L.O.V.E.

At The Davis Academy we Live Our Values Every Day, we L.O.V.E. We are guided by the values of community, respect, spirit, wisdom, and righteousness. These five core values are intertwined in everything we do, they define who we are and who we aspire to be.


Kehillah means community.

A kehillah is a group of people who share similar values, hopes, and beliefs. To be part of a kehillah means being willing to put others first, to celebrate our unique qualities, and to always think about the whole.


Kavod means respect.

Judaism teaches that all of creation should be treated with respect. It also teaches that a person is deserving of kavod if they show kavod through their words and deeds.


Ruach means spirit. 

Ruach means spirit in terms of energy, passion, and drive. It also means spirit in terms of the intangible part of who we are. The ruach within each of us is what drives us to do what we do and be who we are.


Chochmah means wisdom.

Jewish tradition views chochmah as something richer than knowledge. Chochmah is about making wise choices, about seeking wise counsel, and about arriving at a place beyond knowledge—a place of true insight, appreciation, and understanding.


Tzedek means righteousness.

To be a tzadik means to be a righteous person, someone who always acts with integrity and honor (mensch). It is through tzedek, generosity and kindness that we make the world a better place.