Be Amazed.

By the Community.
  • The Davis Academy goes beyond the education of the student, providing a community that embraces the entire family, becoming a center of life with activities, learning, and milestone events.
  • Parents and grandparents are given the opportunity to deepen their school connection through classroom visits or committee participation, as well as special learning and social events designed just for them.
  • Each child is supported by a diverse and integrated team of caring professionals, which includes teachers, learning specialists, counselors, psychologists, coaches, the Rabbi, a school nurse, alumni mentors, and administrators.
  • The Davis Academy helps students and their families discover the rich Jewish culture and heritage at a level that is comfortably in balance with their own personal practice. Parents strengthen their own Jewish identities through their Davis experiences: the joy of being with their children each week during Kabbalat Shabbat; participating together in a Passover Seder; celebrating milestone experiences as Second Grade Siddur presentations or b’nai mitzvah Torah services; and doing acts of tzedakah together with the school community.
  • Our retention rates speak for themselves.  Our student retention rate is 97%, which well surpasses the national average of 92% for independent schools.
  • At The Davis Academy, children and parents make lifelong friends, finding a home in our community from the very first hello.
By the Reach.
  • Students from The Davis Academy come from all walks of life, representing 31 different metro Atlanta area zip codes.
  • Our families speak several languages, including Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Czech and Hebrew and they come from as far as Canada, Israel, South Africa, Singapore, Russia, India, Argentina and Chile, to name a few.
  • Our community is comprised of every type of family structure and we welcome reform, conservative, orthodox, unaffiliated and interfaith families.
  • The Davis Academy is more than a stand alone school. We are connected to other schools, community programs, national experts and global learning partners that further expand the reach of the Davis education.
  • Davis students partner with and participate in various community service projects with organizations such as: the Community Action Center, the Atlanta Food Bank, Camp Jenny, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and more.


By the Learning.
  • The Davis Academy provides a challenging, enriching education based on an innovative, student-centric learning experience. Students have access to state-of-the-art science labs, creativity-driving idea labs, an outdoor nature sanctuary, global video conferences with kids from other classrooms around the globe and more.
  • The approach to learning at The Davis Academy is student-driven.  Teachers are adept at reaching divergent learners, exploring non-traditional pedagogy and differentiating instruction based on students’ interests and abilities.
  • Beyond academics, we teach life skills, instill Jewish values, and provide diverse experiences so that our students become well-balanced and self-confident individuals.
  • While we do not teach to the test, our students deliver amazing results, affirming the success of our program through national test scores:
    • Nearly 60% of our middle school students are outperforming the top quartile of independent school students on standardized testing.
    • 75% of our middle school students qualify for the Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) by scoring 95% or higher on nationally standardized testing. Sixty percent of the students who take the ACT and SAT qualify for State and Grand recognition (defined by specific score criteria). An even larger percentage qualify for summer study programs.
  • It’s not just about celebrating our Math Counts wins, or national C-SPAN film winners or our graduate high school and college placements, it’s the stumbles along the journey in a safe environment for risk taking that enables each child to reach their highest potential.
By the Faculty.
  • At The Davis Academy, teaching comes in many forms and every child is holistically and warmly supported by a diverse and integrated team of caring professionals – The Dream Team.
  • Students are championed by their teachers, teaching assistants, learning specialists, counselors, psychologists, coaches, the Rabbi, a school nurse, alumni mentors, visiting artists and administrators.
  • Our faculty members average 14 years of teaching experience. They are tops in their fields, selected based on their experience, passion, creativity and ability to truly connect with a wide variety of students with different learning styles and personalities.
  • Over 25% of our faculty members lead professional development seminars and contribute to the field of education annually at local, regional, and national education conferences.
  • Over 70% of our faculty have earned advanced degrees.
  • Davis Academy faculty retention rates are exceptional, averaging 97% with the average tenure of a Davis Academy teacher at 9 years.
By the Arts.
  • The Davis Academy is investing in the arts with a nationally recognized fine arts program. Every student who attends The Davis Academy explores visual arts, performing arts and music as part of their overall curriculum.
  • In addition to the core curriculum, The Davis Academy also offers course electives in advanced theatre, film, video production, art and digital art studio.
  • Over 30% of the entire student body participates in the annual school musical as part of the cast, chorus or crew, making it the largest, full scale musical theater production in the city of Atlanta.
  • Our music program consists of five music ensembles, which include three fusion bands and two singing ensembles.
  • Through our visual art classes, students have access to kilns and other professional art equipment to create their projects. They are exposed to artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Giacometti, Warhol, Monet, Klimt, Mondrian, Pollack and many more.
  • In support of the nationally recognized arts program, The Davis Academy has 600 seat auditorium for year-round theater productions.
By the Athletics.
  • Physical Education is a core component of the Davis curriculum, focusing on movement concepts and spatial awareness through individual, team and recreational sports and concepts.
  • On the field and in the gym, students at The Davis Academy share in the camaraderie of playing on a team. Sportsmanship and doing one’s best, regardless of skill level, are vital components of our overall athletics program at every age level.
  • The Davis Academy has 18 competitive teams participating in 9 different sports, including soccer, cross country, volleyball, softball, baseball, basketball, track and field, tennis and golf and offers six developmental sports programs at our lower school including developmental soccer, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, rock climbing, and track and field.
  • Nearly 90% of our middle school students participate in team sports every year.
  • The Davis Academy Middle School participates in the Metro Atlanta Athletic Conference (MAAC) as a Division 1 school and our teams regularly qualify for and win championship games.
  • Many of our athletes have had the opportunity to participate in city and state-wide competitions, including the JCC Maccabi Games, taking home a number of notable wins, and are now participating on high school, college and professional sports teams in the United States and around the world.
By the Results.
  • Students of The Davis Academy graduate ready to tackle new challenges, armed with strong character and self-confidence.
  • Davis graduates follow their passions and with a 99% acceptance rate, routinely move on to attend the most prestigious public and private high schools in Atlanta.
  • Our graduates become captains of high school sports teams, earn lead roles in school performances, and are honored as valedictorians and salutatorians of their high schools. They are studying medicine, becoming scientists, learning engineering, and they are climbing the ranks in the non-profit and for profit business world. Our students are prepared for success.
  • When our students leave The Davis Academy, they are joining clubs and boards and starting their own non-profit organizations. Davis graduates learn from day one that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.
By the Innovation.
  • Innovative learning is the basis for the entire educational approach at The Davis Academy, empowering our students to become active learners, problem solvers and contributors to a global knowledge base.
  • At The Davis Academy, technology isn’t a subject, rather it is a tool that is routinely woven in to the learning in almost every classroom and subject taught at the school.  Technology facilitates how we think, how we share information, learn about the world, and build upon what’s new.
  • In addition to growing a culture of learning, sharing and innovating, we have evolved our working spaces to accommodate non-traditional learning opportunities for our students. Specifically, our Lower and Middle School media centers were designed to create flexible learning spaces that allow for moveable furniture, large screen projection, and more connectivity options, all while supporting a blended learning environment.
  • The classroom is just one of our students many destinations throughout the school day. Idea labs, mediascape rooms, digital studios, outdoor classrooms, computer labs and field trips enable endless hands-on, interactive, and engaging educational opportunities for our students.
By the Facilities.
  • The Davis Academy is comprised of 130,000 square feet of educational facilities, which spans across two state-of-the-art campuses in the heart of the Sandy Springs/Dunwoody area. The Lower School and Middle School campuses feature:
    • Mac-based digital art studio
    • Five dedicated science labs
    • Five multi-media technology labs
    • Distinct media centers located at both the Lower School and Middle School
    • Two interactive idea labs with green screen for use in video production
    • A beautiful half acre nature sanctuary designed for innovative outdoor learning and reflection
    • Two world class gymnasiums, with full basketball and volleyball courts
    • Two sports facilities with fields that host softball, baseball, soccer and track and field events
    • The Lower School gymnasium features a rock climbing wall with nearly 600 square feet of total climbing and an indoor running track.
  • Spring, 2016 The Davis Academy will break ground on The Next Stage of development, which will include:
    • 10,000 square foot, 600 seat, state-of-the-art auditorium
    • 5,800 square foot adaptable learning space
    • 4,000 square foot dining hall and kitchen with a spiritual & community gathering space located on the second floor