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Alumni Voices

The Davis Academy inspired me with a lifelong love of learning and intellectual curiosity. Furthermore, the community at Davis has given me lifelong friends who are as dear to me today as they were so many years ago.
Max Miller ‘2003

I learned how to have a strong work ethic and advocate for myself at The Davis Academy.
Jake Weiser ‘2011

The Davis Academy taught me how to love learning!
Rachel Kaufman ‘2012

My middle school technology classes got me interested in learning how to code, and now as a computer science major, this has become an integral part of my career.
Eric Miller '2014

The teachers truly care for every single student. Davis has an extremely close-knit community where the connections you make last a lifetime. Both the students and parents love and value their experience at Davis.
Dani Barnard ‘2017

My teachers at Davis truly inspired me to pursue a career in teaching and it is because of them that I am now a first grade teacher myself.
Ashley Siegel ‘2011

The root words we learned in 8th grade helped me tremendously when I was learning different medical conditions for my master’s degree. I still find myself breaking down diagnoses (and other complex words) into their roots.

Lindsay Kraun ‘2009

I am currently teaching English in Israel. Had I not gone to Davis, I don’t think I would be here at all. I am learning a lot about myself, our culture, and religion right now and feel endlessly grateful for the foundation that Davis gave me. (Pictured Zoe Light with Mallory Goldenberg '2012 in Israel).

Zoe Light '2012

My friends and teachers at Davis got me into music and I consider myself a very passionate guitarist. I’ve also learned valuable lessons on how people can grow and change, and just how to be an open and accepting person while still getting things done.
Jack Tresh ‘2015

Davis set the foundation for a lot of my success. Growing up in a community that encouraged the importance of surrounding yourself with a strong, likeminded group of people has provided me a lot of comfort as I’ve navigated moving across the country for college.
Valerie Light ’14

I use my Davis education every single day in my pursuit towards becoming a Rabbi. But beyond the obvious Hebrew and Jewish content, I also learned what it means to be a mensch and incorporate Jewish values into my everyday life.
Jessica Jacobs ‘2007

Davis taught me to be true to oneself and let your passions guide your personal growth and career development/exploration.
Max Shafron ‘2007

You can explore Judaism and make it into something personal and make it your own.
Nikki Berne ‘2010

I learned the power and gift of a good education from caring faculty. My diligence and resiliency as a student started at Davis and many of the lessons I learned there in note taking and test taking still apply to my life in Medical School today.
Marc Bernstein ‘2010

I would tell any prospective Davis parent that the Jewish education and the way that your teachers care about you and want you to succeed is immeasurable and incomparable to anything you would receive elsewhere.
Mallory Goldenberg ‘2012

Marshall Berton '2014
Davis provided me with a phenomenal foundational skill-set that helped kickstart my success in high school and college.

Marshall Berton '2014

Zoe Bober '2016

Davis provides a community that is constantly supportive of all of their students. The relationships I formed with my peers and teachers at Davis will stay with me forever. The education provided thoroughly prepared me for high school. I would not change anything.

Zoe Bober '2016

I have learned the importance of being kind to everyone and making sure everybody has a chance to get involved. I have also taken away that I am very fortunate to be in the position that I am and it is important to give back to those who are less fortunate. Davis taught me to always work hard and persevere through the tough times as I will be a better person after overcoming those obstacles.
Alon Rogow ‘2018