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My Davis Story: Billie Greenberg


Dear Davis Academy Friends,

 “Reform Jewish Day School in Atlanta.” 

Not only were those words exciting and innovative, but 30 years ago they also brought me an opportunity to become personally involved in a concept that would make our entire Jewish community stronger. I Iook back now at the impact of this “idea” on our community, and on the many roles I have been privileged to play, with amazement. With anticipation, realization, and in what seems like a blink of an eye, it is time for reflection. 

What story have I seen unfold at Davis over its 30 years? A story about a place where nurturing abounds, where academic excellence is the norm, where traditions are fostered, and where teachers spend each day sharing their passions with such great passion. A place where all of these characteristics are bound together by the common thread of love of Torah. A place where each young child becomes the responsibility of the collective whole, and where pride is reflected as each student moves on to high school and beyond, into the community, with a deep sense of identity and self-worth, fostered while at Davis.

I have so many memories of experiences that contribute to my own personal Davis Story. Serving as President of the Board of Trustees, albeit during a most turbulent time, made me realize that working alongside extraordinary leaders gives one the confidence to stand by convictions that are difficult and soul-searching. Being honored after many years of volunteering, at The Davis Academy’s 1999 Community Celebration, was a moment of humility and gratitude. To be recognized as a person who shared in the values and mission of Davis was a tribute to me personally, as well as those who came before me, as it was their guidance and of course, Jewish principles that lead me to be a part of this profound place. Each groundbreaking ceremony on our campuses was a confirmation that the Atlanta community needed our school and that all Jewish children deserve a place to thrive. 

“For everything, there is a season.” This is the season for The Davis Academy to take stock of those who have served with dignity, those who have achieved academic excellence, and those who teach with a strength of purpose. 

There have been sanctuaries built since the beginning of time, palaces to feel sheltered, protected, and secure. The Davis Academy is one.
Thank you for making me a part of the Davis story.

Billie Greenberg
Past President 2005-2007

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