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Our Davis Story: Lisa and Steve Freedman

Dear Davis Friends,

Our Davis story began when our oldest daughter’s PreK teachers recommended that we “must look at The Davis Academy” during Parent-Teacher conferences, sharing “it provides just the right balance of structure and nurturing that Alexa thrives on.” So, we added Davis to our list of prospective schools and scheduled a tour.

And then we were blown away. We were greeted at the first classroom stop on our tour by an amazingly articulate Kindergartener who exuded much confidence beyond her years and petite size. We were impressed by the ambitious curriculum and state of the art technology in all classrooms. We felt genuinely welcomed by the warm and talented faculty we got to meet. Finally, we were inspired by the opportunity Davis provides to learn, play, create and grow and all within an environment uniquely embraced by Jewish values. By the end of the tour, it was a no-brainer that Davis was the right fit for both of our girls and as an added bonus, the right community for us as well.

Fast forward to many years later, we now have the bittersweet distinction of being “alumni parents,” as both of our daughters have graduated from Davis. Alexa is now a college freshman at Emory, and our youngest, Julia, is a high school sophomore at Riverwood. We look back on our time at Davis with much nostalgia and extreme gratitude for the unbeatable foundation our girls were given, and upon which they have continued to flourish and succeed. We couldn’t be more thankful for their incredible (the best!!) team of teachers who truly loved them, challenged them, and empowered them to work towards their greatest potential. And we are blessed with lasting personal friendships that have developed over years of shared experiences and milestones together at school.

We have learned to not take for granted those 9 years at Davis from kindergarten through eighth grade as they are truly a transformative gift that can’t fully be appreciated until you witness first-hand how the education, extracurricular interests, leadership and self-advocacy skills, life experiences, friendships, and commitment to tikkun olam become collectively integral to who our children are, as they successfully navigate through high school and beyond. And to be sure, the icing on the cake has been the values that were instilled and our girls’ now innate Jewish identities, which will forever guide their moral compasses into the future.

We have such strong affection and appreciation for Davis, the faculty and administration, that it is important to us both to continue to give back, even though our girls have graduated. In addition, our involvement on committees and fundraisers and Lisa’s involvement on the school’s Board of Trustees enables us to help pay it forward for other Davis Academy families, to ensure that they benefit from the same opportunities as our family, now and well into the future. Mazel Tov to The Davis Academy on its 30th Anniversary. May the school, its students, families, faculty, and staff continue to go from strength to strength.

Lisa and Steve Freedman
Alumni Parents

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