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Our Davis Story: Dulcy and Jerry Rosenberg

Dear Davis Friends,

Our Davis story goes back thirty years. 

Momentum around the idea of a Reform Jewish Day School in Atlanta was gaining, and our family had the opportunity to help make it a reality. My wife Dulcy and I joined with her brother Jay Davis and his wife Ann, in making a gift and honoring Dulcy and Jay's beloved parents, Alfred & Adele, by naming the school. We could never have imagined what the next thirty years would bring.

Back in 1992, when the doors opened at the Junior Achievement building, there were just a few passionate leaders, a small faculty, a handful of trusting parents, and twenty-one young students. Since then, we have witnessed thousands of graduates and their families experience The Davis Academy, including three of our own grandchildren. Our oldest grandson, Brendan, was in his mother's arms at the ribbon-cutting when the Roberts Drive campus first opened, and years later, he walked the aisle in cap and gown with his classmates, many of whom remain his friends today. Over the decades, we have seen firsthand how The Davis Academy has shaped and empowered our own grandchildren and generations of young people in a loving and nurturing environment. 

While our grandchildren have grown up and moved on to new adventures, we have remained active participants in the life of the school and continue to support the school's growth in any way we can.

For our family, The Davis Academy truly is a gift that keeps on giving, as we are filled with pride to see how the school is held in the highest esteem in our community, and we are grateful to have played a small role in its growth and success.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the faculty, staff, alumni, families, and students who have made Davis the incredible institution it is today and are excited about what the future holds for The Davis Academy. 

With much pride and gratitude,

Dulcy and Jerry Rosenberg

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