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Our Davis Story: Karl & Julie Altmann


Dear Davis Community,

Our family started our Davis Academy journey back in 2010. At the time, it seemed like a sound academic decision first for our oldest child, Sara,  and thereafter for her brothers, but ultimately turned into so much more for our family. Our daughter Sara is now in college at Indiana University where she is a Dean’s list student and still counts several of her friends from Davis among her very best friends. Our middle child Andrew used the Davis learning center to get the extra support he needed at the time to work on his writing skills. He is now thriving in college as a Dean's list student at the University of Alabama and counts several Davis kids among his fraternity brothers. And our youngest, Ryan, was in one of the very first Mechina classes at Davis, at that stage being the youngest student in the school. He is now a Sophomore at Riverwood High School and is still very close with several of his Davis classmates as well.
So while choosing Davis for its academics was an easy decision for us, it was the Kehillah of families that comprised Davis that ultimately made the biggest impact on us. 

Of course, our kids made lifelong connections among their peers but my wife, Julie, and I did as well. We raised our kids together with many of the families at Davis and we continue to be close, long after all of our kids have moved on to different high schools and colleges. And to see our kids continue to have these unbreakable bonds with so many of their fellow classmates at Davis is very special, something that we will always cherish. In addition, my involvement on the Davis Academy board for many years and as a member of multiple committees was extremely gratifying on many levels.
The icing on the cake is the Davis values that were instilled into our children throughout their journey. Though our children’s sense of community is extremely strong, it is their Kavod (respect) for others that shines through every day with how they treat their friends, their teachers, their coaches, and everyone they come into contact with in the community. Davis has made all of our kids understand the true meaning of the Menschlichkeit values and it is really meaningful to watch as they transition into young adulthood.
We have so many fond memories of The Davis Academy. The countless basketball games for all three of our children. Endless Kabbalat Shabbats where the prayers led by Rabbi Micah are seared into my memory. Helping the kids memorize their wax museum speeches. Milestone events like getting their first siddur. I could go on and on.
Thank you so much Davis Academy and congratulations on 30 years! You have meant so much to my family that I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done in helping to lay such a solid foundation in all of our children’s lives.

Karl & Julie Altmann
Davis Alumni Parents

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