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Our Davis Story: Marissa & Jeremy Shedrow


Dear Davis Kehillah,
Our Davis story begins with a lesson that no matter the plans you make and believe will happen, life will unfold and suggest a better way!  Both of our children (Jacob now 8th grade and Hannah 5th grade) grew up attending the Weinstein school at the MJCCA. It was an amazing overall experience, and it really brought together the beginning of our Jewish identity as a young family. When Jacob completed his Pre-K year there, we did not give any other consideration than to send him to our neighborhood public school. He started Kindergarten, learned to read, joined Boy Scouts and made new friends. Meanwhile, we still had that warm and loving Jewish preschool environment at the JCC with our daughter. It was towards the middle of Hannah’s Pre-K year that we had our teacher conference. Her teachers suggested Hannah may benefit from a transitional kindergarten program instead of moving directly on to Kindergarten. She has a summer birthday, and we loved the idea of the gift of time for her, so we agreed that was a path we were going to pursue. We saw this extra year as a “one and done”, so our school search was not for anything long term at all. We toured 2 schools – one of course being Davis. Both schools offered a program that would suit her needs for this one year. After a lot of back and forth, our family happily joined Davis, and our daughter started in Mechina that Fall. 
From day one, we were blown away… The teachers instructing these 4 and 5 year old’s were incredible, supportive, and loving!!  Hannah’s progress was impressive, and straight from her mouth one day she said, “Mom, I don’t get it. I thought this was school. All we do is have fun!”  We will never ever forget that, and that was when we knew that our school was special, and we would be staying at Davis…. Midway through her Mechina year, we had our son, who was in 2nd grade at the time tour Davis. He loved what he saw, and we transferred him over to Davis in 3rd grade. 
We have always told our children that sending them to Davis is a gift. Davis offers them an impressive academic curriculum and enrichment opportunities, but the emphasis on kindness, respect, confidence, community and spirituality is what we love most about this school. Every time we attend a Kabbalat Shabbat, we get goosebumps reciting the Amidah surrounded by the Davis Kehillah, and we always learn something new from Rabbi Micah or Mr. Weismark. There are so many Davis milestones that we shared alongside our children which will never be forgotten. We feel so grateful that Davis is able to support our daughter’s language-based learning differences, and offers a program that teaches her in the way that she needs to learn, which has greatly enhanced her confidence!
Our son is in his last year at Davis, and it is bringing up a lot of feelings for us. When we sit back and reflect on his first year at Davis, in the 3rd grade, when he arrived unable to read Hebrew, Math was a challenge, writing assignments were difficult, and we look at how he has grown... He is an outstanding student, who has learned how to advocate for what he needs. He is a mensch, and we know that his teachers had a big part to play in who he is today! Mrs. Friedman, Mrs. Goldberg and her angelic voice, Mrs. Rainbow, Mr. Wyatt, Mr. Barry, Rabbi Micah – just to name a few… Thank you for your excellence and your commitment. 
We look forward to what the future holds for our children at Davis and beyond. Our confidence is high that they will both be the best versions of themselves, and carry their Davis values with them through life’s ups and downs.

We all know it takes a village to raise a child, and to also have the love and support of our Davis Kehillah means everything.

Mazel Tov Davis Academy on 30 amazing years! May the next 30 be even more of a blessing to all of the staff, students and families of this school!!


Marissa & Jeremy Shedrow
Davis Parents

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