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Welcome to The Davis Academy – this is where your child’s journey begins. It’s one that develops the whole child through outstanding academics, Jewish values and traditions, enriching activities, and a community of support.

A Davis Academy education is an extraordinary gift. Students have unique opportunities to develop their own academic and creative abilities, along with diverse experiences that help them understand the broader world and become caring community members and leaders. Our students are challenged, well balanced and ultimately well equipped to begin to make their own wise choices both inside and outside the classroom. Simply put, they become the best that they can be.

We see the results in our graduates, who are now making their way at Atlanta’s finest private high schools and in honors programs at a variety of public schools, at colleges throughout the country and in careers and life beyond. They are at the top of their classes, active in service to their community, starring in school and community theater, setting records as athletes, and more. And they are carrying their values with them as they study abroad, travel the world, start their own businesses, pursue their careers, start their own families and become leaders in their communities. They visit often and reflect with great appreciation upon the first choice of school their parents made for them.

Our website is our online home, but there is something special about visiting our true home, where the children’s smiles can be seen and their voices can be heard. Whether you’re already part of the Davis family or a visitor to our community, we graciously welcome you for a personal visit.

Warm Regards,

Amy Shafron
Head of School

Today we lead the school, tomorrow our children will lead the world.