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Simchat Torah

Our entire community came together to celebrate Simchat Torah, one of the most special highlights of the year at The Davis Academy. Mechina - 8th grade students, faculty, staff, parents and friends were wrapped in the words of Torah in the Lower School gym.

  • All School Shabbat
  • Lower School
  • Simchat Torah 2023
  • Upper School
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Lip Sync

In a lively showcase, our 7th-grade theatre students took on the Lip Sync Challenge. This entertaining and creative activity involves participants lip-syncing to their favorite songs and creating an engaging performance. Beyond the entertainment, this challenge is a valuable experience for our students, enhancing their confidence, refining presentation skills, and encouraging teamwork and creativity as they collaborate on choreography and delivery of their lip-sync acts.

  • 7th grade
  • Middle School
  • Theatre
  • Upper School
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New Technology

4th-grade students had an introduction to our brand-new wood laser-cutting machine! From conception to design to creation, the possibilities will be limitless. With this cutting-edge technology, they'll be able to engrave and cut various materials with astonishing speed, power, and precision. 

  • 4th Grade
  • Innovation
  • Lower School
  • Upper Elementary
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Book Buddies

Fifth graders were paired with Mechina students for Book Buddies. This program allows our youngest to bond with older students of their Davis kehillah and see what being fluent looks like. Fifth graders love the opportunity to be peer models demonstrating friendship and reading skills.

  • 5th Grade
  • Lower Elementary
  • Mechina
  • School Life
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Mechina Tefilah

Our youngest lions and their families came together at the Nature Sanctuary for a truly extraordinary and heartwarming morning filled with joyful songs, heartfelt prayers, and the triumphant sounds of the shofar.

  • Jewish Life
  • Lower Elementary
  • Lower Elementary Tefilah
  • Mechina
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8th Grade Social Studies

In 8th grade social studies, students discussed the physical difficulties of growing certain crops, especially sugarcane, in the colonial period. As they learned about slavery in the colonies, they discussed how sugar was considered "white gold" and required backbreaking labor in the Caribbean. A student added depth to the topic by sharing real sugarcane obtained from a local farmer's market. Students discovered how to extract the sugary sap by breaking open the cane, offering an insight into historical practices.

  • 8th Grade
  • 8th Grade Social Studies
  • Middle School Academics
  • Social Studies
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3rd Grade Social Studies

In 3rd grade Social Studies, students crafted 3D maps to explore the distinct physiographic regions of Georgia. Through this hands-on activity, they gained a deeper understanding of the diverse physical properties and significant features that set each region apart. From the stunning beaches and swamps to the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, students uncovered the rich tapestry of natural beauty that defines the state of Georgia. Thank you to all our parent volunteers who facilitated the session!

  • 3rd Grade
  • 3rd Grade Social Studies
  • Lower Elementary Academics
  • Lower School
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The Journey Magazine

Ann and Jay Davis

Over 30 years ago, a task force began discussing the possibility of creating a Reform Jewish Day School in Atlanta.  Ann, along with Carol Nemo, Jan Epstein, Rabbi Alvin Sugarman, Harriet Zoller, and others, served on the committee. After one of the meetings, it was decided to form an interim board, and the participants would be asked to contribute financially to seed the project.

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