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♪♪♪ There'll be actual real live people. It'll be totally strange/But wow, am I so ready for this change! Cause for the first time in forever. There'll be music, there'll be light. ♪♪♪
-Lyrics from Frozen 

Eighteen months ago we were Frozen. It’s time to thaw the ice and bring live theatre back. Mark your calendars: Sunday March 20 & Monday March 21. 

This year marks the 18th Davis Academy musical production making it our “chai” school musical. L’chaim! As we navigate our way through the return of the school musical this year, several components of our Broadway-style musical experience will be determined, adjusted, and communicated over the next weeks and months as we monitor the pandemic and vaccine eligibility. We hope to have our full student Kehillah play a part in this beloved Davis tradition which has involved 879 student performers and crew over the past 18 years. What a flurry of Frozen fun we will have as we melt hearts in March with our heartwarming tale of acceptance, magic, adventure, family, and true love.

As of now registration is open for middle school student crew and cast members only. Auditions for middle school singers, actors, and/or dancers begin on Nov. 10. Please see for audition and crew forms. Stay tuned for more information to come!