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The Davis Academy provides a challenging and enriching education based on an innovative and ambitious student-centric curriculum. In a rapidly changing world, The Davis Academy is committed to preparing students for the future. Simply absorbing information is no longer enough. The Davis Academy is a uniquely modern, 21st century learning environment, where students prepare for new challenges by learning analytical and critical thinking skills.

Embraced by Jewish Values


Kehillah means community.

A kehillah is a group of people who share similar values, hopes, and beliefs. To be part of a kehillah means being willing to put others first, to celebrate our unique qualities, and to always think about the whole.


Kavod means respect.

Judaism teaches that all of creation should be treated with respect. It also teaches that a person is deserving of kavod if they show kavod through their words and deeds.


Ruach means spirit. 

Ruach means spirit in terms of energy, passion, and drive. It also means spirit in terms of the intangible part of who we are. The ruach within each of us is what drives us to do what we do and be who we are.


Chochmah means wisdom.

Jewish tradition views chochmah as something richer than knowledge. Chochmah is about making wise choices, about seeking wise counsel, and about arriving at a place beyond knowledge—a place of true insight, appreciation, and understanding.


Tzedek means righteousness.

To be a tzadik means to be a righteous person, someone who always acts with integrity and honor (mensch). It is through tzedek, generosity and kindness that we make the world a better place. 

Engaged with the world around us and within us.

At The Davis Academy, students are given the opportunity to grow and flourish through an accelerated and enriched curriculum that is supported by a community where teachers get to know each child individually, understand how they learn best and form strong partnerships with parents. The Davis Academy seeks to develop the whole child through a balance of challenging academics and enriching experiences that broaden our children’s worlds and nourish their spirits.

Innovator's Mindset

In a rapidly changing world, The Davis Academy is committed to preparing students for the future by helping them develop an innovator’s mindset.
Students are taught a design-build process that supports solution-oriented learning goals, encourages them to develop innovations through collaboration and teamwork, and exposes them to an array of cutting-edge technologies. From ideation to creation, the process helps them build reasoning, empathy and creativity skills as well as enabling them to take pride in their work and the potential impact their creations can have.

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Global Learning
Global Learning

The Davis Academy has created a series of pathways to ensure students develop greater awareness and understanding of the world around them.
Throughout the year, students make meaningful global connections with the use of technology, go on field trips to museums and cultural events, and participate in interfaith programming and partnerships. With each of these interactive experiences students understand the value of finding common goals and values with others around the world, while developing empathy and a true sense of wonder.

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Tzedek (Righteousness)
Making an Impact

A Davis Academy education stresses the importance of living our menschlichkeit values. For that reason, what some schools call “community service,” we call it tzedek (righteousness).
The difference being that tzedek is one of the pillars of our school community rather than a collection of projects. When asked, “What does it mean to be a Reform Jewish Day School,” tzedek is an important part of the answer. One of the hallmarks of Reform Judaism is its commitment to carrying on, with tremendous passion and optimism, the work of making the world a better and more just place.

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Leadership Development
Leadership Opportunities

Leadership opportunities exist throughout every grade at The Davis Academy.
As young as Mechina and Kindergarten, students are given “classroom roles” such as greeter, line leader and teacher helper, which introduce them to the concept of individual and communal leadership. Students are continuously challenged to solve problems creatively, work in teams, and work collaboratively with others. Students find their own voice, they learn to ask great questions, and understand that mistakes are part of the learning process.

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Social Emotional Learning
Social Emotional Learning

Social and emotional well-being is an integral part of every classroom setting. 
In collaboration and partnership with classroom teachers, School Counselors provide multi-faceted support and guidance. Our counselors facilitate regular guidance lessons, address individual student needs, and work alongside parents and teachers to support each student to reach his or her fullest potential, academically, socially and emotionally.

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Jewish Life
Jewish Life

Because “being Jewish” means different things to different people, The Davis Academy welcomes and encourages all points of view and identities.
The Davis Academy guides children’s exploration so that they make their own meaningful connections between their ancestors’ history and what’s relevant to them today in their own lives. Here, students sing new melodies to ancient prayers and approach Judaism with a spirit of curiosity, excitement and creativity. The everyday experience imparts strong values to teach our students how to live a life of Menschlichkeit (goodness and virtue)and have the ability to make wise, and educated choices.

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Caring Community

When you choose The Davis Academy, you instantly become a part of a diverse and caring community.
Not only are the students learning side-by-side in the classroom, through unique project-based programming and on field trips, but parents and grandparents are also experiencing the magic of The Davis Academy through celebrations, workshops, seminars and other interactive and collaborative programs. The school truly becomes a center of life for our families with activities, learning, and milestone events that allow them to build memories and traditions to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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One Individualized Learning Experience

At The Davis Academy, teaching comes in many forms and every child is holistically and warmly supported by a diverse and integrated team of caring professionals – The Dream Team. Students are championed by their teachers, teaching assistants, learning specialists, counselors, psychologists, coaches, the Rabbi, a school nurse, alumni mentors, visiting artists and administrators.

Our Divisions

At The Davis Academy, teaching comes in many forms and every child is challenged to reach their potential while being supported in their academic, emotional, and spiritual growth by a team of caring professionals who know how to meet each child where they are in their development.  Each student is championed by a team which include teachers, counselors, psychologists, coaches, the Rabbi, a school nurse, alumni mentors, visiting artists and administrators.

Lower Elementary

Mechina - 2nd Grade

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Upper Elementary

3rd Grade - 5th Grade

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Middle School

6th Grade - 8th Grade

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