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Davis Learning Center



The Davis Learning Center (DLC) is just one more way that The Davis Academy is dedicated to helping each student reach their learning potential.

The DLC provides specialized learning support services for students with identified mild to moderate language-based learning differences. An expert team of special educators work to ensure the success of students in this program through a variety of supplemental services.

Beginning in First Grade, DLC students participate in small group directed instruction during their daily two-hour language arts class. In addition, the DLC teacher serves as the child’s case manager, consulting with all other teachers to ensure consistent application of learning accommodations across academic subjects. Key areas of involvement include after school homework support, organization with long-term assignments, executive functioning skill development, learning support in math class if needed

DLC students in Middle School participate in small group language arts class with a special educator. In addition, the students benefit from a reading skills strategy class in a dedicated classroom as well as study hall four days a week with their DLC teacher. That teacher also provides homework support for assistance in organization with assignments and planning support for long-term projects, executive functioning support and ongoing consultation with subject-area teachers to ensure that accommodations are being used consistently across academic settings. Learning support in math class is provided if needed and individualized assessment and consultation with the student and parents is ongoing.

The Davis Learning Center Transition program is designed to provide a year of more limited support for students who no longer need the full range of services that the DLC provides. Students who participate in the Transition program do not receive small group instruction in Language Arts but receive aspects of case management, homework support and executive functioning support.

For families who are not currently enrolled at The Davis Academy, please contact Lisa Mirsky, Director of Admissions at for more information about the DLC program and associated tuition.

We are truly grateful for the warmth, expertise and support that the DLC program has provided for our son. His DLC teacher knows just what he needs. She provides support, but as importantly, she has a keen awareness of how to foster his independence. Parent of Eighth Grade Student