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Lower Elementary B

Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary

Mechina - 2nd Grade

The Davis Academy focuses on nurturing the development of the whole child.

The thoughtful selection of age-appropriate, challenging curricula and creative classroom design, allow each student to develop the core fundamentals, while maintaining an emphasis on the social and emotional development of every student. 

Students learn skills and build confidence in reading, writing, and math while being inspired to explore and discover in social studies and science.  While the foundation of our Menschlichkeit Values is deliberately laid in the Jewish Studies classroom, they are noticeably embedded in every part of the Lower Elementary experience.  Small group differentiation, innovative technologies and unique teaching methods ensure that all students have the opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability, discover and grow individual talents, and build strong relationships with friends and teachers in a safe and comfortable environment.

Empowered by Academic Excellence
Embraced by Jewish Values
Kaufman Chapel
Lower Elementary Nature Sanctuary

We are guided by the values of community, respect, spirt, wisdom, and righteousness. These five core values are intertwined in everything we do, they define who we are and who we aspire to be.

Engaged with the world around us and within us.
Lower Elementary
Lower Elementary
Lower Elementary
Kaufman Chapel
Kaufman Chapel
One Individualized Learning Experience

At The Davis Academy, teaching comes in many forms and every child is holistically and warmly supported by a diverse and integrated team of caring professionals – The Dream Team. Students are championed by their teachers, teaching assistants, learning specialists, counselors, psychologists, coaches, the Rabbi, a school nurse, alumni mentors, visiting artists and administrators.








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Life in Lower Elementary