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Student Services

The Davis Academy embraces each child’s personal journey through academic, emotional, social and spiritual development.

Differentiated learning is an expansive approach that looks beyond instruction to also include the social, emotional and physical environments in which students are encouraged to reach for and achieve their highest potential.  To that end, the student support team works with our faculty to personalize the learning experience for each student based upon their unique interests and needs. Students are supported and encouraged to take risks and are championed by not only their teachers, but also by additional assistant teachers, learning specialists, counselors, psychologists, coaches and others, all of whom holistically and warmly support their growth.

Lower School students interact with their counselors alongside their classmates in regular guidance lessons, in small group settings, or on their own. Middle School students are assigned a counselor who supports them throughout their Middle School journey through their transition to High School.  In addition, The Middle School Advisory Program enables small groups of students to meet regularly with faculty advisors for discussions and unique cross curricular learning opportunities. Davis Academy students of all ages are guided to make meaningful connections between learning and their everyday lives as they focus on developing empathy, problem-solving skills, personal responsibility, study and organizational skills, and strategies for conflict resolution. The goal is to help students become confident, caring and responsible members of society.

The student support team also offers opportunities for both enrichment and additional learning support when needed. Tutorial time, study halls and teacher access before and after school are intentionally built into daily schedules to make sure our students are well supported. Learning specialists are also in place for all of our students, including special educators in our Davis Learning Center who support students with language-based learning disabilities. For students with outside occupational, physical and/or speech therapy needs, The Davis Academy actively works in partnership with families to help support and coordinate with their extended team of specialists. 


Social Emotional Learning
Student Services