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Middle School

Middle School

6th - 8th Grade

students emerge as independent thinkers, skilled problem solvers and passionate leaders.

Housed in a state of the art building on a campus designed specifically with the middle school learner in mind, students experience  accelerated coursework in the various disciplines challenging them to reach their full potential. Students enjoy the opportunity to pursue their passions through a rich offering of elective courses, world languages, technology, the arts, and Jewish Studies alongside their core academic classes. With in-depth discussions and hands-on experiences through interactive, project based learning and core curriculum, students are given the opportunity to embrace and master both independence and collaboration while developing their critical thinking, communication and leadership skills.

When Davis students graduate from their middle school experience, they take with them a strong academic foundation, confidence in their skills and themselves, the values to make ethical decisions and an eagerness to think independently and creatively in every facet of their lives.

Empowered by Academic Excellence

One Individualized Learning Experience

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Life in Middle School

Around Middle School

Graduation of the Class of 2023!

The graduation of the Class of 2023 was a beautiful ceremony, symbolizing the culmination of the Davis journey and the beginning of an exciting new chapter for our graduates. Thank you to alumni speaker Elan Spanjer from the Class of 2001. We will miss all our graduates!

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7th Grade Shark Dissection Lab

Seventh graders completed the most anticipated lab of the year! It allowed students to identify various organs of a shark and connected them to concepts learned in the body systems chapter.

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6th Grade's Marvelous Rock 101 Concert

Students play and sing many favorites at the Rock 101 Concert. This presentation is an integral component of the music curriculum and a wonderful opportunity for students to set goals and develop the necessary skills to perform.

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The Davis Academy 2023 Field Day!

There was no better way to end the year than with our End-of-Year Community Gathering, welcoming back our 8th graders from Israel, followed by an amazing Field Day. It was a day full of Davis spirit and celebration!

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The Davis Decibelles Field Trip to Cafe Europa

The Davis Decibelles, Ms. Kendrick, and Rabbi Micah performed at Café Europa, a monthly gathering of Holocaust Survivors sponsored by JF&CS at Beth Jacob Synagogue in Toco Hills. It was a meaningful day full of blessings and an honor to sing for, spend time with, learn from, and have lunch with Holocaust survivors and their caretakers.  

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7th Grade Field trip to Washington D.C

Seventh graders had a fantastic experience on their Washington, D.C. trip exploring Mount Vernon, the Museum of African American History & Culture, the Natural History Museum, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, The White House, The Capitol, Ford’s Theater, and more.

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7th Grade Holy Sites Field Trip

Seventh graders ventured out for a day to visit faith leaders and tour various holy sites, connecting the study unit about World Religions with the stories and experiences of our neighbors in our greater Atlanta community. The knowledge and curiosity of our kids sparked as they visited The Roswell Community Masjid, The BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha Mandir, and Ebenezer Baptist Church, each unique and special. 

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8th Grade's  Demos Art Project

8th grade students brought math and art together through the Demos Art Project. It required them to take all that they have learned about parent functions, transformations, inequalities, domain, and range and use their creativity to "draw" on the coordinate plane. Students had complete engagement and ownership of the project as they were given choices in how to demonstrate mastery of their learning. 

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7th Grade Holocaust Presentation

As part of the 7th grade Holocaust unit, students researched a topic of their choice and did formal presentations about their learnings. Some of the topics presented this year were: family stories of survival, connections between pre-WW2 antisemitism and modern antisemitism, the French Resistance, Germany as a model for reparations, and the Daffodil Project.   

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 The Social Institute at the Middle School

Middle school students attended The Social Institute learning sessions about artificial intelligence, respecting other families’ technology choices, and strategies for confronting difficult situations regarding technology usage. 

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