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Davis LOVE Records

At The Davis Academy we rock, we work together, we celebrate, we create and we shine!

Music plays an important role in many Jewish communities. At The Davis Academy, we take it to the next level by creating, performing and producing original songs and melodies for our community and the rest of the world to enjoy. Simply put, Davis Rocks. You can hear it when you listen to our music and you can feel it when you visit our school, especially when we’re all together.

“What allows us to travel life’s road so gracefully is the fact that we’ve all got a song to sing. But before we can sing our song, we must discover the melody. In order to discover the melody, we have to find our voice. Before we find our voice, we have to listen to our souls, to our loved ones, to the world around us, and to the voice that summons us into being.” 

--Rabbi Micah Lapidus

Davis Albums

The Davis Academy now has a collection of original music, captured on a series of music CD’s, “Be a Blessing,” “A Palace in Time,” “Menschology,” and the newest release, “Hello, Goodbye & Peace” as well as two professionally produced music videos, “Kol Yisrael,” and “Rise Up.”  All songs were written by Rabbi Micah Lapidus and feature vocals from the Davis Academy school community.

All Time Favorites

Rise Up

Kol Yisrael

Latest Single Track Releases
In the News
Tribute Song Becoming Braves Anthem

CBS features "Keep Swinging", this tribute song for Hank Aaron by Rabbi Micah, as becoming the Braves anthem on their way to the World Series.