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Performing Arts

Big Thinker. 

Developing each child's voice 

The Davis Academy is leading the way nationally in comprehensive, integrated Theatre Arts Education. The Theatre Program reaches Fourth-Eighth graders on a daily basis where students form vocally confident and empowered identities, develop an awareness of the world around them; and learn to work collaboratively. Theatre is connected into every other class content area from Jewish Studies to Science. Over 65% of the students are involved in the Theatre Program whether in the annual musical, the exploratory, electives, or after-school programming. Students are introduced to the building blocks of Theatre Arts skills and knowledge through applying basic theatre terminology, stage directions, physical skills, kinesthetic movement, emotional recall, playwriting, collaborative design and group performance projects.

We are committed to developing and nurturing each child’s passions and unique voice on and off the stage. We encourage students to become big picture thinkers, champions of creative play,
innovators, and collaborative
Ms. Kendrick,
Director of Visual & Performing Arts

Frozen Jr.

Mazel tov to the cast and crew of Frozen, JR. on their four outstanding performances! Many thanks to our Director of Visual and Performing Arts, Kendrick Phillips, for her creative vision and steadfast devotion to The Davis Academy’s theater program, and to Mr. Michek and countless others on our faculty and staff, parent volunteers, alumni mentors, administrators, staff members and our sponsors, who helped bring this show to life. We are so appreciative of you helping our children to shine on stage!

Davis Musical Is Back

♪♪♪ There'll be actual real live people. It'll be totally strange/But wow, am I so ready for this change! Cause for the first time in forever. There'll be music, there'll be light. ♪♪♪
-Lyrics from Frozen 

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