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by the athletics.

On the field and in the gym, students at The Davis Academy share in the camaraderie of playing on a team and are encouraged to make fitness a part of their healthy lifestyle. Sportsmanship and doing one’s best, regardless of skill level, are vital components of our overall athletics program at every age level.


An Amazing Foundation

Physical Education is a core component of the Davis curriculum, focusing on movement concepts and spatial awareness through individual, team and recreational sports and concepts. In our lower school, we also offer a range of developmental sports programs for our students including soccer, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, rock climbing, and track and field. In our middle school, we have 18 competitive teams participating in ten different sports, including soccer, cross country, volleyball, softball, baseball, basketball, track and field, ultimate frisbee, tennis and golf. Nearly 90% of our middle school students participate in team sports every year. We are a Division 1 school in the Metro Atlanta Athletic Conference (MAAC) and many of our athletes have had the opportunity to participate in city, state-wide and international competitions, including the Maccabi Games, taking home a number of notable wins, and are now participating on high school, college and professional sports teams in the United States and around the world.

I look back on my years at The Davis Academy and realize how fortunate I was to have such an amazing community filled with faculty and peers that pushed me to pursue my dreams and helped me to realize that hard work, focus, and dedication will lead you wherever your heart desires!
-- Ashley, Davis Academy Alumna
Track & Field - University of Georgia
Sports Reporter and Video Production Researcher, 2016 Olympic Games.

Our Values Come Into Play

Just as we celebrate our wins, as importantly, we celebrate
the way our values come into play. With an emphasis on lion pride
regardless of the final score, Davis coaches ensure our student
athletes are focused on spirit and respect as they develop as individuals
and as a team.

Whether we win or lose, the importance of values in our athletic department does not waver. Incorporating values as we play sports builds lifelong skills, such as accountability, humility and self-discipline. 
-- Loren Spaulding
Director of Athletics

Lions Pride Through College and Beyond

Sammy Altman '2006
Baseball - University of West Georgia

Jared Kahn '2006
Baseball - Emory University

Juliana Altman '2007
Lacrosse - Oglethorpe University

Ashley Rosenberg '2007
Track & Field - University of Georgia 

Eliot Arno '2008
Football - United States Air Force Academy

Jake Maziar '2008
Baseball - Wake Forest University

Dani Paz '2008
Professional Soccer - Israel ASA Tel Aviv National Team

Paige Weinberg '2008
Tennis - University of Mary Washington

Brandon Gold '2009
Baseball -Georgia Institute of Technology MILB Hartford Yard Goats team (Colorado Rockies affiliate)

Matthew Nathan '2011
Football - Dickinson College

Daniel Gothard '2012
Football - University of Georgia

Emma Sidman '2013
Cross Country & Track and Field - University of Alabama

Joelle Zelony '2015
Basketball - Tufts University

Arie Voloschin '2016
Swimming - University of Georgia

Alon Rogow '2018
Pole Vault - University of Georgia