When you choose The Davis Academy, you instantly become a part of a diverse and caring community. The students and their families grow up together, forming friendships that will last well beyond graduation. Not only are the students learning side-by-side in the classroom, through unique project-based programming and on field trips, but parents and grandparents are also experiencing the magic of The Davis Academy through celebrations, workshops, seminars and other interactive and collaborative programs. The school truly becomes a center of life for our families with activities, learning, and milestone events that allow them to build memories and traditions to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Our Diverse Community

Families at The Davis Academy are themselves, a very diverse group, coming from a variety of geographic, socio-economic and religious backgrounds. Students come from all walks of life, representing 31 different metro Atlanta zip codes. Our families speak Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Czech and Hebrew and come from Canada, Israel, South Africa, Singapore, Russia, India, Argentina and Chile, to name a few. Our community is open to every type of family structure and welcomes unaffiliated and inter-faith families as well as families with a reform, conservative, orthodox affiliation. Whether you grew up attending Hebrew school or were raised with little or no Jewish education, every family is able to find their comfort and their fit within The Davis Academy.

We are intentional about ensuring our students contribute to the diverse world in which we live. We’re connected to other schools, community programs, national experts, global learning partners, and parents and alumni from a myriad of backgrounds. We are at the center of an educational ecosystem designed for every child to have the richest experience possible. These unique connections enable each child to understand their place in the world and the differences among communities, cities, countries and cultures.

Our Caring Community

At The Davis Academy, children, parents, faculty, grandparents and caring community members come together to support one another and collaboratively work to make the world a better place. Parent involvement is the norm. Volunteerism is meaningful and ranges from assisting in the classroom, planning and executing school-wide programs and events to supporting fundraising and community building efforts to strengthen the school and those around us. Adults model for their children and our students learn from day one that they, too, can make a difference. School-wide and grade level community outreach activities and Tzedakah Projects give our students a chance to be “hands-on” with causes they care about and community organizations that serve the greater good. Our menschlichkeit values serve as an every day reminder to be a caring community that helps to make the world a better place.

Ragghianti family

We found something meaningful for our whole family at The Davis Academy. We came for the education, and we found a community.

Rique Ragghianti

Davis Academy Parent

Peck Family2

I come from a very traditional Judaic upbringing and I was concerned that The Davis Academy would be too Reform for my family. After touring and meeting with Rabbi Micah, the choice became obvious. The Davis Academy is a forward thinking Jewish Day school where all levels of Jewish observance are welcome and appreciated.

Keith Peck

Davis Academy Parent