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Global Learning

Global Learning

Aware. Engaged. Empathetic. 

Fostering global awareness so students can understand, engage, and lead in an interconnected world.

Through meaningful global connections harnessing the power of technology and social media, we have opened pathways for our students, exposing them to a diverse set of cultures and experiential learning opportunities. At Davis, we believe it is not about the tools as stand-alone innovations but rather it is about the ways in which learners are empowered to apply innovative tools to generate inquiry, identify resources, and cultivate solutions. Through these active learning experiences, students are developing empathy and truly understanding the value of sharing a common goal with others around the world, as well as developing the presentation and communication skills that are paramount to learning in the 21st century.
In addition to the global reach through technology, field trips to museums and communal events and amazing overnight trips to rich cultural locations like Savannah, Charleston, and Washington, DC, also ensure students develop a greater awareness and understanding of the world. Nowhere is this experiential growth more evident than in the culminating and transformative two+ week trip to Israel that our Eighth Graders take in the spring of their graduating year.

To further nurture a global perspective with emphasis on social action amongst our students, The Davis Academy has developed a series of interfaith programming and partnerships.  We have long-standing partnerships with several faith-based independent schools in the Atlanta area, that include interfaith programs that combine learning, social action, and relationship building.   Additionally, our 7th grade students attend our Holy Sites Tour, visiting a local Mosque, a Hindu temple, and a Baha’I center to learn about their beliefs and their traditions. The lessons of acceptance, inclusivity and collaboration that emerge from these learning experiences further enrich the Davis Experience and provide our students with a better understanding of global citizens.

What does Global Learning look like?

These are examples of students working on projects, developing
skills and knowledge to build global awareness.

Tinkering Tuesday Coin Making

In celebration of Presidents’ Day, the Innovation and Design Lab was turned into the U.S. Mint as students learned about the coin-making process and created their own unique currency designs. 

5th Grade Tech Pioneers Tour The Davis Academy

Fifth grade Tech Pioneers took a tour of the technology behind the scenes at The Davis Academy with our Information Technology professionals learning about the server rooms and the technical aspects of the theater. 

Tinkering Tuesday (Chinese Lanterns)

Students celebrated the Lunar New Year, also known as Spring Festival, on Tinkering Tuesday this week. They learned the various ways in which the Lunar New Year is celebrated and crafted their own DIY lanterns with LED lights to commemorate the occasion.

Snowflake Circuit

Third grade students made snowflakes with lights by using circuits, copper tape, LED lights, and coin cell batteries. Students discovered that using two colors of LED lights on one switch caused one light to dominate and adjusted their designs accordingly. It was a problem-solving activity that truly lit up the room!