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Independent. Resourceful. Creative.

The goal of 21st century learning is for students to be independent, resourceful, and strong global citizens who are confident in navigating their success.

Starting in Mechina and Kindergarten, students are taught a design-build process that supports solution-oriented learning goals, encourages them to develop innovations through collaboration and teamwork, and exposes them to an array of cutting-edge technologies. From ideation to creation, the process helps them build reasoning, empathy and creativity skills as well as enabling them to take pride in their work and the potential impact their creations can have.  Young learners are introduced to coding as a literacy to develop computational thinking skills and algorithmic thinking strategies. This approach to learning ensures that all learners are well equipped to navigate the global landscape as inquisitive and empathetic citizens who are empowered to make change.
Examples of learning opportunities include connecting with international pen pals via cloud-based tools, engaging with video conferencing technology to visit with organizations and individuals working to positively impact the world, and leveraging robotics to create inclusive environments. At The Davis Academy, we nurture the value of lifelong learning so that upon graduation, students stay curious and are well-equipped to make a positive mark on the world.

4'Cs of 21st Century Learning


Working together
to reach a goal.


Sharing thoughts,
questions, ideas, and solutions.


Sharing thoughts,
questions, ideas, and solutions.

Critical Thinking

looking at problems in a new way, linking learning across subjects & disciplines. 


What does 21st Century Learning look like?

These are examples of students working on projects, developing
collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking skills. 

Tinkering Tuesday Coin Making

In celebration of Presidents’ Day, the Innovation and Design Lab was turned into the U.S. Mint as students learned about the coin-making process and created their own unique currency designs. 

5th Grade Tech Pioneers Tour The Davis Academy

Fifth grade Tech Pioneers took a tour of the technology behind the scenes at The Davis Academy with our Information Technology professionals learning about the server rooms and the technical aspects of the theater. 

Tinkering Tuesday (Chinese Lanterns)

Students celebrated the Lunar New Year, also known as Spring Festival, on Tinkering Tuesday this week. They learned the various ways in which the Lunar New Year is celebrated and crafted their own DIY lanterns with LED lights to commemorate the occasion.

Snowflake Circuit

Third grade students made snowflakes with lights by using circuits, copper tape, LED lights, and coin cell batteries. Students discovered that using two colors of LED lights on one switch caused one light to dominate and adjusted their designs accordingly. It was a problem-solving activity that truly lit up the room!