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Confident. Responsible. 

Student leadership opportunities exist throughout every grade at The Davis Academy.

As young as Mechina and Kindergarten, students are given “classroom roles” such as greeter, line leader and teacher helper, which introduce them to the concept of individual and communal leadership. Responsibilities and opportunities grow with every grade to include roles such as book buddy, class mayor and safety patrol.

When students enter Middle School, they are primed and ready to take their leadership skills to the next level. Here, they are introduced to the Middle School Leadership Training Institute (MSLTI), a program for middle school students interested in learning about leadership and experiencing distinct leadership tracks: Jewish Life Leader, Student Ambassadors, Student Government Association (SGA), Technology Pioneers, and Library Ambassadors. Selection is based on a variety of criteria, including character, leadership, achievement, and responsibility, as well as thoughtful and thorough responses on the application.