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2021-2022 Start of School Health & Safety
Protocols, Practices & Policies

The Davis Academy’s COVID-19 protocols, practices and policies have been revised for the start of the 2021-2022 school year, with the goal of mitigating the risk of COVID-19 transmission within the school while allowing students to thrive academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically in our collaborative learning environment. The practices and policies will continue to evolve based on the recommendations of our Davis Health & Safety Committee, which relies upon community data, access to vaccines and scientific information from health officials and agencies including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Georgia and Fulton County Departments of Health.


All individuals are required to wear a mask except when outdoors or when eating, regardless of vaccination status. This includes masks on all buses. 

  • Students should bring two masks to school each day and keep extras at home.
  • Since masks are optional outdoors, should students wish to remove them, they need to come prepared to keep their mask in their pocket or wear a lanyard/chain. 
  • Most masks are acceptable; cloth masks are preferable but disposable and medical-grade masks are allowed as well. Gaiter masks are not permitted nor are masks with vents. They need not match our school uniforms; colored, logo or patterned masks are appropriate but cannot be inappropriate or scary.
  • We strongly recommend that members of our community wear masks outside of school hours, and while indoors if with others outside of their household, including classmates. This includes masking during play-dates, at after-school dance classes and other activities, and by carpool drivers and students in a shared carpool throughout the commute.

We will continue to promote good hygiene habits in an effort to maintain health across our community:

  • Routine hand washing will be actively promoted and sanitizer stations will be maintained in every classroom and throughout both school buildings, including at the entrance to our dining halls.
  • Water fountains will remain closed, however, water refill stations are available throughout both buildings. Students are expected to bring a filled water bottle from home each day (10-inch bottle or smaller fit refill stations).
  • Signage remains posted throughout both buildings providing safety reminders.
  • Use of outdoor spaces during the school day will be encouraged. 
  • Cleanstar will continue to implement enhanced frequency of cleaning and disinfecting with special attention to be paid to common areas and commonly touched surfaces and when and where necessary, sanitation will take place using mechanical and electrostatic sprayers. 

    Regular and consistent distancing during school is challenging in a collaborative learning environment such as ours although efforts will be made in structured settings including classrooms. We will no longer be operating in class cohorts as we did during the height of the pandemic in 2020-2021. Generally:

    • M-5th Grade students will mix with other students in the same grade throughout the school day, and gather as a grade for activities like recess, PE and lunch, etc. One grade level will not mix with another grade level or come together in large gatherings across grade levels during the school day until circumstances allow. Mechina and Kindergarten students do have lunch and recess and certain special programs together.
    • 6th-8th Grade students will mix with other students in the same grade throughout the school day for various classes and for activities like PE and lunch. Students across these grades will interact and/or gather for activities such as teffilah, athletics and clubs.
    • There are certain optional activities when students in various grades, M-8th, may interact, in limited settings, such as during bus transportation, extended day care and after-school activities.
    • Return to indoor, school-wide gatherings such as Kabbalat Shabbat will likely begin once eligibility for vaccinations expands to younger children and/or overall community health demonstrates that such a large gathering is safe. Outdoor gatherings may be held as deemed appropriate.
      • We will continue to use the Ruvna app system to conduct daily health screenings for all students and employees. The screening has been edited for the coming year, and parents will receive a text notification reminder each morning before sending their child to school. 
      • As always, students will be expected to remain out of school if they have a fever and/or are feeling ill. If a student is experiencing new or worsening symptoms while at school, they may be sent home at Nurse Wendy’s discretion.
        • Based upon current guidance provided by the CDC and public health authorities, The Davis Academy is participating in efforts to encourage and enable our community members to become vaccinated upon eligibility, including through on-site clinics. 

          • The school has adopted a vaccination policy requiring its employees to be vaccinated. 
          • We strongly encourage all eligible members of your household to be vaccinated, including students who are not yet 12 years of age when the time comes.
          • The school may elect to implement certain COVID-related protocols that differ for unvaccinated individuals including, for example, quarantine.
          • For purposes of exclusion of requirements for quarantine, a student is considered vaccinated if he or she has demonstrated proof to the school of being two weeks past the final shot if there is a series of vaccinations (Moderna and Pfizer).

          Unfortunately at this time, access to the school remains limited. 

          • Any visitor permitted by the administration must demonstrate proof of full vaccination. 
          • Vaccinated, outside therapists and other such experts will be permitted to work with individual children.
          • Volunteers in the classroom, full-scale indoor classroom events or all-school events with parents/guests will be postponed. 
          • Certain outdoor activities/gatherings will be permissible.
              DINING SERVICES

              Lunch will be served in our dining halls, by grade level, with a return to full service by SAGE Dining. Health protocols will include:

              • Masks to be worn by all SAGE employees during food service.
              • Masks to be worn by students except during the time they are seated and eating.
              • Maximizing seating space as much as possible by extending both indoor and outdoor seating availability.
              • Continuation of handwashing, sanitizing and disinfecting protocols.
                  • Optional extra-curricular activities such as athletics, after school programs, Extended Day Program and bus transportation, as well as class field trips will return this year. It is our expectation that overnight trips will as well. 
                  • Specific COVID-related protocols may apply to these activities or programs and details will be communicated directly to those participating.
                      • If a student is tested for COVID-19 for any reason, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, the student must remain out of school until negative PCR test results are reported to Nurse Wendy at wpakula@davisacademy.org and she gives clearance to return to school. 
                      • If anyone in a student’s household is being tested for any reason, the student, if unvaccinated, must remain out of school until results are reported to Nurse Wendy and she gives clearance to return to school. If the student is vaccinated he or she may attend school unless experiencing any symptoms, in which case they must remain out of school until Nurse Wendy approves their return to school.

                      If a Student Tests Positive:

                      • If a student tests positive for COVID-19, The Davis Academy will send an email notification to all parents of students in that child’s grade. 
                      • If a student who tests positive participates in bus transportation or afterschool programming with children in another grade, those parents will also be notified.
                      • As with all illness notifications, the email will not identify the person (but will note the LS homeroom) and parents will be asked to monitor their children for symptoms.As a reminder, the school’s COVID-19 dashboard will be updated weekly and is accessible on the LMS.

                      If a Household Member Tests Positive:  

                      • If a household member of a student tests positive for COVID-19, Nurse Wendy must be notified and unvaccinated student(s) in the household and/or vaccinated student(s) with symptoms must remain out of school until cleared to return to school.
                      • The school does not send a notification in the event that a household member tests positive.

                          In accordance with CDC guidelines:

                          If a Student Tests Positive:

                          • Any student with a positive COVID-19 test result must isolate for 10 days. 
                          • An asymptomatic positive student may return to school on Day Eleven (11) if he/she remains without fever for the prior 24 hours before the return to school and is asymptomatic. 
                          • A symptomatic positive student may return to school on Day Eleven (11) if he/she is without fever for the prior 24 hours and with symptoms improving before the return to school. 
                          • A student’s return to school must be coordinated with and approved by Nurse Wendy.

                          If a Household Member Tests Positive:  

                          • Should someone in a student’s household receive a positive COVID-19 test result, please reach out immediately to Nurse Wendy to review your family’s particular circumstances. 
                          • An unvaccinated student in a household with a COVID-19 positive member who is effectively isolating or a vaccinated student with symptoms should quarantine until the exposed student takes a PCR test on, or after, Day Five (5) from the last known date of exposure and, if negative and without symptoms, may return to school as early as Day Eight (8).
                          • If the positive member is not able to effectively isolate, the student should take a PCR test on, or after, Day Fifteen (15) from the last known date of exposure and, if negative and without symptoms, may return to school as early as Day Eighteen (18).

                          Consistent with the CDC’s revised guidance, a vaccinated student (with proof provided to school) who is asymptomatic, is not required to quarantine.

                          If Exposure

                          • Consistent with the CDC’s revised guidance for schools, an exposure requiring quarantine occurs when contact takes place within 3 feet for 15 minutes or longer with a confirmed positive case, with these exceptions:
                            1. If the close contact is vaccinated (with proof provided to school) and is asymptomatic, he or she is not required to quarantine.
                            2. If the close contact had COVID-19 in the last 3 months and is asymptomatic, he or she is not required to quarantine.
                            3. When an unvaccinated close contact and the confirmed positive case are both masked and distanced at least 3 feet, the unvaccinated contact is not required to quarantine. 
                          • As a reminder, and per CDC guidelines, with everyone wearing masks and distanced while in school, one positive case in a class or grade will not, in and of itself, meet the definition of exposure that requires classmates to quarantine or necessitate a homeroom or grade to transition to Distance Learning.  
                          • If your child is exposed to a person outside of school who has tested positive for COVID-19 or a person who is awaiting a test due to their own exposure, please contact Nurse Wendy and have your child remain out of school until cleared to return.
                          • Should a student experience an exposure requiring quarantine he or she must remain out of school and can take a PCR test on, or after, day five (5) from the last known date of potential exposure and, if negative and without symptoms, may return to school as early as day eight (8). A student’s return to school must be coordinated with and approved by Nurse Wendy.

                            All students, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated:

                            • Students with a temperature >100.4 may return to school:
                              After 24 hours with no fever (< 100.4) without fever reducing medicines
                            • Students diagnosed by a health care provider with strep throat may return to school:
                              • If student has no fever (< 100.4) without fever reducing medicines and
                              • Student took first dose of prescribed medication no later than 5 p.m. the previous day
                            • Students diagnosed by a health care provider with an illness other than COVID-19 ie. ear infection, pneumonia, or sinus infection may return to school:
                                • After 24 hours with no fever (< 100.4) without fever reducing medicines and
                                • After 24 hours with no vomiting or diarrhea
                            ON-CAMPUS LEARNING

                            On-Campus Learning will be the singular instructional model offered this school year, unless circumstances are such that the school elects to transition a homeroom, class or grade to Distance Learning, in which case the school will follow its Distance Learning Plan.
                            Given the hardship placed on teachers and students in the classroom, Concurrent Learning will not be offered. Should a student experience an extended medical absence due to a positive COVID-19 test or a required quarantine, they will be supported in their learning with an individualized learning plan that may include independent learning, exemption from certain assignments or Zoom opportunities with faculty. This does not apply to those with ordinary absences, seasonal illnesses or those awaiting test results. If this need occurs, please contact Drew Frank, Principal, at dfrank@davisacademy.org

                            • The school administration and medical experts on the Health & Safety Committee will continue to monitor the trajectory of the virus, transmission in our community, the data and any revised guidelines by public health officials and make any necessary adjustments in the future. Policies are meant as guidelines, as each individual case and situation differs.
                            • By attending The Davis Academy, students, parents, faculty and staff agree to follow the school’s COVID-19 policies and protocols as a supplement to its handbooks and assume the inherent risk of COVID-19. The Davis Academy reserves the right to adjust its policies, procedures or protocols from time to time at its discretion.
                            • Our commitment to our kehillah translates to a shared commitment. Together, we will:
                              • Show kavod to the medical experts, to our school administrators, to our faculty and staff and to one another by following the policies and practices designed to protect our collective health;
                              • Be resilient, flexible and patient, understanding that our plans and expectations will reflect the trajectory of the virus, the impact on our local community, the evolving expert medical guidance, and the need for adjustments in our protocols;
                              • Demonstrate commitment to our values—respect, community, wisdom, righteousness and spirit—thereby showing understanding and support of temporary changes in campus life;
                              • Share Davis LOVE – Living Our Values Every Day – on and off campus, and maintain our warm and caring sense of community.


                            For COVID-19 related questions:
                            Contact davistogether@davisacademy.org

                            For assistance regarding your child’s health:
                            Contact Nurse Wendy at wpakula@davisacademy.org 

                            For assistance regarding your child’s learning plan during required quarantine:
                            Contact Drew Frank at dfrank@davisacademy.org