At The Davis Academy we rock, we work together, we celebrate, we create and we shine!

Music plays an important role in many Jewish communities. At The Davis Academy, we take it to the next level by creating, performing and producing original songs and melodies for our community and the rest of the world to enjoy. Simply put, Davis Rocks. You can hear it when you listen to our music and you can feel it when you visit our school, especially when we’re all together.

“What allows us to travel life’s road so gracefully is the fact that we’ve all got a song to sing. But before we can sing our song, we must discover the melody. In order to discover the melody, we have to find our voice. Before we find our voice, we have to listen to our souls, to our loved ones, to the world around us, and to the voice that summons us into being.” Rabbi Micah Lapidus

The Davis Academy now has a collection of original music, captured on a series of music CD’s, “Be a Blessing,” “A Palace in Time,” and the newest release, “Menschology,” as well as two professionally produced music videos, “Kol Yisrael,” and “Rise Up.”  All songs were written by Rabbi Micah Lapidus and feature vocals from the Davis Academy school community.

For more information regarding The Davis Academy music collection, contact Rabbi Micah at Mlapidus@davisacademy.org.

Kehillah: Written by Jack, 4th Grade

Kehillah is when we bring our friends together. Kehillah is when we play, or sing, or pray together.

Kehillah means community. Community rocks.

Davis is a big community. Which means that Davis rocks!

Rise Up, written by Rabbi Micah Lapidus and produced by The Davis Academy, is a celebration of Atlanta’s long commitment to civil rights, social action, and social change. The song is rooted in famous teachings from the Hebrew Bible as they were preached by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and also happens to be a perfect anthem for Atlanta’s beloved Falcons. The song has been sung and performed at The Davis Academy and all around the country. While it appeared on an earlier Davis Academy album, it has been reproduced and included on our latest album, Menschology, which includes 18 original songs written by Rabbi Micah and inspired by our menschlichkeit values.


The Davis Academy Creates Music

Original music from The Davis Academy can be downloaded and shared with others as a celebration of our spirited community, our Jewish traditions, our creativity and our voice.


Menschology (2017), loosely defined as “The journey we take to becoming a person of integrity and honor,” is an album inspired by the five menschlichkeit values of The Davis Academy – Chochmah (wisdom), Kehilah (community), Tzedek (righteousness), Kavod (respect) and Ruach (spirit). Thoughtfully written, beautifully produced Jewish and spiritual music for every occasion and no occasion at all.  The songs are rooted in Jewish scriptural and liturgical passages and are meant to help share deep Jewish wisdom with listeners of all faiths.




A Palace in Time (2015) is an album devoted entirely to the liturgy of Kabbalat Shabbat, comprised of soulful and uplifting melodies and ancient Jewish prayers. Palace is the result of one of the most mystical experiences of my life. On a random day in March 2013, I sat down with my guitar and the floodgates opened. I couldn’t write or record fast enough to capture all the melodies that came to me that day. In the end, I selected 18 melodies, which I had the blessing to engage the tremendous ruach of The Davis Academy in arranging, performing, and recording the music.



Be a Blessing (2013) was the realization of a dream– to produce high quality, hard rocking, fresh and celebratory Jewishly inspired music. From the opening notes of Zeh Hayom to the Abbey Road inspired medley that comprises the final 3 songs (and the Halleluyah crescendo that closes the album), it’s a testament to the power and potential of spiritual and religious teachings in a musical context. Be a Blessing was produced by Will Robertson at Gallop Studios with participation from my Davis Academy community. Vocalists on the album feature teachers and students of The Davis Academy as well as Mt. Zion 2nd Baptist Church choir.


Catch our Ruach!

Sometimes the magic is hard to capture in words. To help convey the spirit of The Davis Academy, we invite you to enjoy our music videos, which feature original songs written by Rabbi Micah Lapidus, recorded and performed by The Davis Academy community.