From Kindergarten Prep through Eighth Grade, The Davis Academy provides a challenging and enriching education based on an innovative, student- centric curriculum.

In a rapidly changing world, The Davis Academy is committed to preparing students for the future. Simply absorbing information is no longer enough. The Davis Academy is a uniquely modern, 21st century learning environment, where students prepare for new challenges by learning analytical and critical thinking skills. The classroom is just one of our students’ many destinations throughout the school day. From Mechina to Middle School, students have access to idea labs, media-scape rooms, digital studios, outdoor classrooms, computer labs and field trips. Technology isn’t just a course or a tool, it is purposefully and meaningfully woven into the learning experience in a manner that enhances the student journey throughout their Davis education. Technology facilitates how we think, develop new ideas, share information and learn about the world. Specifically, we are cultivating skills that are important in a complex world that encourages design and creativity.

The approach to learning is not one size fits all.

Our faculty personalizes instruction for each student based upon their unique interests and needs.  Teachers are adept at differentiating instruction on an ongoing basis. Math, language arts and foreign language are taught to individual levels to enable students to master skills, content and material at their own pace, while building self-confidence at the same time. Complex organizational skills, including time and project management, are emphasized to ensure the success of every child in the management of workload, extracurricular activities, and more. We serve a wide range of learners, providing both enrichment and learning support services to ensure  every student has strategies for academic success across the curriculum.

While we do not teach to any specific test, our students deliver amazing results on standardized assessments, affirming the success of our program through measuring our students’ performance against the top independent schools in the nation. Nearly sixty percent of our middle school students are outperforming the top quartile of independent school students on standardized testing. Seventy-five percent of our middle school students qualify for the Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) by scoring ninety five percent or higher on nationally standardized testing.