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Athletics Registration

Payment and forms must be submitted by the first week of try-outs; the athlete will not be allowed to participate until full payment has been received by the first week of practices and tuition account is current. 



Athlete Information

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Parent/Guardian Information

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1. Sport Selection

Please select the sport you would like to register your child:

Fall Athletics
Winter Athletics
Spring Athletics

2. Athletic Policies 

It is important for each student and parent to understand that the success of the individual and team in team sports requires attendance at practices and games, good sportsmanship, and the adherence to the school’s policies and regulations. Each student/athlete and their parents are asked to read and sign the following statement of the understanding:
  1. Unless excused in advance by the coach, all students are to attend all practices and games.
  2. All participants are responsible for the care and condition of the uniforms and equipment given to them. Any damages or loss are to be paid for by the students and their parents.
  3. Not every student will have an equal amount of playing time. The following factors will affect a student’s playing time: attendance at practices, cooperation with the coaches and other players, skill level, and type of competition the team is playing.
  4. Each player is to treat other players on their team, the coach, the visiting team, coaches, and all referees with respect and good sportsmanship. Failure to abide by these standards of conduct may result in dismissal from the team and disciplinary action from the school.
Please Sign Athletic Policies required

3. Waiver

I hereby permit my child to participate in Clinics/Instructional sessions offered by the Davis Academy & coaching staff. By execution of this release, I acknowledge and agree that all requirements, directions, supervision and standards set by the directors of this program are established for my child’s benefit. The persons enrolling for practices/games, services, such as clinics, lessons, or instructional sessions offered by the Davis Academy coaching staff, and his/her parents or guardians assume all risk of loss of property or injury to the person. I hereby waive and release The Davis Academy & coaching staff, sponsors, league or facility where a session takes place for any and all injuries or illness sustained while I or any of the above persons are in attendance at a session conducted by The Davis Academy coaching staff. I accept full responsibility for my child and the above child’s medical bills, if any, and all other associated expenses as a result of injuries or illness sustained while any of said persons are in attendance. The above student is attending sessions at his or her own risk. I hereby authorize The Davis Academy coaching staff and any of its staff members to act for me, or my child in an emergency in the event I cannot be reached. I hereby authorize The Davis Academy and its staff to act for me, or my child in an emergency.
Please Sign Waiver Releaserequired
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Please indicate any concerns or medical information that the coach should know about your athlete.

Payment Information

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