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We are grateful to our sponsors for their support
of our 30th year and Celebration event.

Current Sponsors by Level

PRESENTING - $30,000+
The Benamy Family
Lauren Spanjer Bricks
Elizabeth Davis
Ann and Jay Davis
Leah and Richard Davis 
Jan and Warren Epstein and Family
Barbara and Bryan Fields
Lisa and Steve Freedman
Anne and Michael Greenbaum
The Leven Family
Andrea and Mike Leven 
Shawn and Jon Leven

Tamara and Brian Mand
The Marcus Foundation
Carol and Robert Nemo and Family
Dulcy and Jerry Rosenberg
Michelle and Alan Rosenberg
Karen and Kenneth Rosenberg
Karen and Mark Musa

DIAMOND - $18,000
Mara and Justin Berman
Financial Innovations/Schilling, Esq., CPA, Estate Innovations, LLC
Debbie and David Kurzweil
PLATINUM - $10,000
Ronald Eichel
Joy and Alan Greenberg
Cindy and Jeff Hopkins
Simone and Kevin Levingston
The Rothberg Family Foundation:
   Louise and Edwin Rothberg
Stacey and Mark Rothberg

The Selig Foundation:
Linda and Stephen Selig
Cathy and Steve Kuranoff
Mindy and David Shoulberg

Allyson and Sam Tuck

GOLD - $5,000
Candy and Stephen Berman
Elaine and John Carlos
Delilah and Steven Cohen
Carol and Larry Cooper
Julia and Todd Galanti
Nancy and Steve Gallant
Susan and David Goldberg
Murray Goldman
Nikki and Micah Goldstein
Susan and Bennett Kaplan
Lefkoff, Rubin, Gleason, Russo and Williams, P.C.
Mickie and Mark Merlin
Julie and Dan Moradi
Pam and Byron Spanjer
Travelgirl Magazine
SILVER - $2,500
Cynthia and Kevin Abel
Barbie and Bryce Bregen
Lori and Gary Brochin
Teri and Mark Edelstein
Laura and Jonathan Epstein
Jessie and Marc Gordan
Susanne Katz Karlick and Philip Karlick
Christina Saurel-Kats and Mark Kats
Judy and Marty Kogon
Anna Meyerson and Jason Lichtenstein
Jennifer and Jared Powers
Amy and Evan Robinson
Carol and Joseph Rubin
Joyce and Jay Schwartz
Marlene J. Schwartz
Tobyanne and Arnold Sidman
Linda and Mark Silberman
Emily and Ryan Silberman
Nancy and Allan Sloan
Mitzi and Jeff Solomon
Nancy Sonenshine
Debbie and Stanley Sonenshine
Jana and Jason Tessler
Lisa and Evan Toporek
Tonia Sellers and Seth Weissman

EMERALD - $1,250
Julie and Karl Altmann
Karen Kerness and Rabbi Peter Berg
Dana and Eric Bernath
Janet Selig and Jeffrey Bernstein
Stefanie and Josh Boxer
Margo and Douglas Diamond
Sheryl and Steve Eisenberg
Julie and Jonathan Elster
Suzanne and Robert Friedman
Carol and Charles Ganz
Billie Greenberg
Susie and Marc Greenberg and Family
Lisa and Jim Haynor
Abby Bechler-Karsch and Robert Karsch
Natalia Migal and Brad Kozak
Stephanie and Brad Ladden and Family
Rabbis Loren and Micah Lapidus
The London-Rinzler Family
Dana and Robert Miller
Glenda and David Minkin
Lisie and Paul Nozick
Julie and Jeffrey Peretz
Joan and Rob Perkins
Robin and David Perlis
Deborah and Josh Perlstein
Barbara and Marty Pollock
Amy and Evan Rosen
Susan Martos Rosenthal and Steve Rosenthal
The Shafron Family
Susan Libby Siegel
Marcy and Jim Solmson
Sharon and Kenneth Sonenshine
Temple Sinai
Lori and Alon Vainer
Stephanie and Matt Weiss
Sheila and Merrill Wynne
Melanie and Scott Zucker
Elaine Alexander
Allied Fence Company
Jeannine and Aaron Altmann
Dorita and Hal Arnold
Wendy and Dale Bearman
Esti and Rick Blue
Phyllis and Irwin Browarsky
Phyllis M. Cohen
Judith and Paul Finkel
Vera and Doug Frohman
Lee and Ira Graiser
Barbara and Jerry Greenbaum
Irvin Grossman
Reg and Jeffrie Kamean
Berna and Noah Levine
Eileen and Ralph Levy
Shelly and Martin Mand
Sherri Berger and Nate Medoff
Julie and Jeffrey Mokotoff
Terry and Robert Neuman
Dana and Daniel Russotto
Lori Kagan Schwarz and Herman Schwarz
Marilyn Shubin
Benjamin Sillins
Kathy and Gary Tuchman
Lindsay and Kevin Young


List published 3-6-2023

 Please contact Elisa Prager, Director of Institutional Advancement