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Why We Give

Hear why our 2022-20223 Davis Fund Campaign Cabinet gives to the Davis Fund.

We give because it is important to us to support a place that has provided our kids with a place to grow, learn and be the best version of themselves. A place that guides and teaches them about the importance of kindness, respect and Jewish traditions which play an important role in our family everyday!

Julia Galanti


We contribute to the Davis Fund because we believe Jewish day school should be an essential part of our children’s development. Davis values Jewish education, academic excellence, family and community, and it continues to exceed our expectations on all fronts. Through witnessing the huge smiles on our children’s faces when they say goodbye at morning carpool to hearing the excitement in their voices when sharing stories from their day is priceless. Davis has our heart. 

Mitzi Solomon


I give to the Davis Fund because of the teachers and staff who work to support my children in so many ways. Their unfailing warmth and love make it possible for my girls to thrive, and I, in turn, want to ensure they have the tools to do that.

Stefanie Lincoln 


Joining the Davis community a year ago was one of the best decisions we've ever made for our family. We give to the Davis Fund because we want to support the wonderful school that does so much for our kids each day.

Tara Tumpetter


We support the Davis fund because we are so grateful for this wonderful school and community. The values and education cannot be beat. We see the smiles on our kids faces each day at carpool drop-off and pickup. We know the impact the Davis fund has to enhance the school and bridge the gap after tuition. We will always support The Davis Academy, a school where we leave our hearts each day.

Robyn Klugman


We donate to The Davis Fund because we have seen first hand the importance of education, safety and a community environment and how positively impactful it has been for our two children!  We will continue to participate knowing that our donations help fund impactful and meaningful enhancements for our great school!

Elliot Coplin


Our family gives to the Davis fund because we feel it's important to support the areas of the school that our tuition may not cover.  The teachers, coaches and the school offer so much to our daughter, and we are happy to give back, so the school can continue to support all of our children in meaningful ways.

Jill Ratner


We give to Davis because we believe and highly value the unique experiences and cultural opportunities the school provides to our children. 

Michael Medwed


The Davis Academy provides a supportive and challenging educational environment that allows both our boys to grow and achieve academically, socially and emotionally, while also reinforcing their Jewish heritage.  We are proud to support the Davis Fund to ensure The Davis Academy maintains the resources to continue this for our family and our community. 

Amy Rosen


The Davis Fund is a very important investment for our family. We see our daughters come home happy and we see them learning so much to prepare them for their future.

Karinne Stern

We give to Davis so that faculty and staff have the tools and resources they need to provide Avi with the best education and self-enrichment opportunities.Rachael Gates


We give to the Davis Fund to ensure that our children continue to benefit from the amazing programming that makes Davis so special. The Davis Fund helps to provide professional development for our teachers, updated technology and the safest and most loving environment possible for our children.  We love the community and support that Davis has provided our family and are so happy to be able to give back!

Lori Cahill


We give to Davis because it is so much more than a school- it is a cohesive community that fosters love, warmth and an excitement for learning.

Alexis Appelstein


We give to the Davis fund because we have gotten so much from being a part of the Davis community and believe it is so important to afford that same opportunity to others. 

Samantha Katz