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Why We Give

Hear from our community why they support the Davis Fund.
Boxer Family

Over the past 31 years, Davis for us has been a place of education, career, community and Jewish traditions. It is our hope that Davis will continue to play an important role in our family’s future generations.

Boxer Family


Our family has been blessed to experience the wonderful sense of community at The Davis Academy, and we take pride in supporting the Davis Fund. We believe that by doing so, we can help this spirit of togetherness continue to grow and enrich the educational journey of our children, extending its impact well into the future.

Fair Family


We give because it is important to us to support a place that has provided our kids with a place to grow, learn and be the best version of themselves. A place that guides and teaches them about the importance of kindness, respect and Jewish traditions which play an important role in our family everyday!

Galanti Family


We contribute to the Davis Fund because we believe Jewish day school should be an essential part of our children’s development. Davis values Jewish education, academic excellence, family and community, and it continues to exceed our expectations on all fronts. Through witnessing the huge smiles on our children’s faces when they say goodbye at morning carpool to hearing the excitement in their voices when sharing stories from their day is priceless. Davis has our heart. 

Solomon Family


The Davis Academy provides a supportive and challenging educational environment that allows both our boys to grow and achieve academically, socially and emotionally, while also reinforcing their Jewish heritage.  We are proud to support the Davis Fund to ensure The Davis Academy maintains the resources to continue this for our family and our community. 

Rosen Family

Our children have not only thrived academically, but also emotionally and socially, thanks to the guidance and dedication of our teachers. Davis is a precious gift we have given our children, bringing us immense joy knowing we are laying a strong foundation for them to lead purposeful lives.

Silverman Family


We support the Davis fund because we are so grateful for this wonderful school and community. The values and education cannot be beat. We see the smiles on our kids faces each day at carpool drop-off and pickup. We know the impact the Davis fund has to enhance the school and bridge the gap after tuition. We will always support The Davis Academy, a school where we leave our hearts each day.

Klugman Family

Rubin Family

Our experience at Davis has been special since day one. Donating to Davis provides the necessary resources for our son’s growth and development into the mensch he is becoming before our eyes. We are so grateful to know our contribution makes an impact on his academic journey and that of so many other children in the community.

Rubin Family


We donate to The Davis Fund because we have seen first hand the importance of education, safety and a community environment and how positively impactful it has been for our two children!  We will continue to participate knowing that our donations help fund impactful and meaningful enhancements for our great school!

Coplin Family


We give to Davis because we believe and highly value the unique experiences and cultural opportunities the school provides to our children. 

Medwed Family

Gordan Family

We give to the Davis Fund because we understand the reality that tuition alone does not cover all of the school’s operating expenses and we are happy to support the environment that provides so much for our children’s education and growth.

Gordan Family


We contribute to the Davis Fund because we believe Jewish Day School is an important part of our children's lives. The Davis Kehillah, academic excellence, and love for our children make Davis a special place to be. We hope by supporting the Davis Fund, it will allow more children to experience what is unique and amazing about Davis Academy!

Broder Family


As a newer family to The Davis Academy, we have seen first-hand how our community works together to create an amazing school. We give to the Davis Fund to ensure our teachers always have the resources and support they need to provide our children with an outstanding education.

Leiber Family

Lefkoff Family

We support the Davis Fund because of the outstanding education and sense of community Davis brings to our family. The unique dedication and passion of the teachers and administrators trickles down to our kids, who are proud Davis Lions.

Lefkoff Family


We give to the Davis Fund to ensure that our children continue to benefit from the amazing programming that makes Davis so special. The Davis Fund helps to provide professional development for our teachers, updated technology and the safest and most loving environment possible for our children.  We love the community and support that Davis has provided our family and are so happy to be able to give back!

Cahill Family


Our family gives to the Davis Fund because Davis is a second loving home to our three children. As their social and academic home away from home, we want Davis to be the best it can possibly be: supported teachers, unique student experiences, and a safe, beautiful campus environment.

Drishpon Family


We give to the Davis Fund because we want to do our part to continue to support the school that has done so much to support our family, academically and socially. We are happy to be able to continue to contribute to the growth of all aspects of The Davis Academy, not just for our children but for future generations.

Leder Family